Quality tools for sophisticated articles

POLY-TOOLS bennewart GmbH has a long experience in mould construction. The clamping force as well as the size of each blow machine is controlled to adapt the mould perfectly, before the construction of a mould has started. In addition to this it is possible to design moulds adaptable to several blow machines.


Moulds can be produced with volumes of 1ml to 200L in all possible variations and for all existing blow mould machines on the market.


  • Mould designing for adaptation of several machines,
  • With optimized drill/bore cooling system or with shell cooling,
  • Single-, multiple cavities and appropriated deflashing devices,
  • With/without hydraulic traction of the bottom or shoulder,
  • With interchangeable middle part for volume variation,
  • Interchangeable neck parts,
  • Post cooling elements for cooling stations,
  • With squeezed handle and handle blow system,
  • With additional hydraulic components to set free the parison waste or for parison waste tearing system,
  • Water cooled blow pins with flushing air for all machines,
  • Core nozzle (with subsequently ovalization)